Explore Park Vliegbasis Soesterberg: Walking along heritage.

Discover the beauty of Park Vliegbasis Soesterberg during your stay at Hotel De Bilt. This unique nature reserve, located on the former military airbase Soesterberg, offers a perfect getaway for nature lovers and hikers. Just a short drive from our hotel, Park Vliegbasis Soesterberg is a destination not to be missed.

Rich history

After the airbase was built, a turbulent time began. In fact, the grounds of Soesterberg Air Base played an important role during the Second World War and Cold War. During World War II the airbase was in the hands of Germany and during the Cold War of America.

In 2008, a century after the first planes took to the air, Soesterberg Air Base was closed. Demolition was carried out where necessary. Bicycle and hiking trails were created. Now the area offers 375 acres of nature with a wealth of plants and animals. It also offers the widest bicycle path in the Netherlands. The runway is no less than 45 meters wide. Here you cycle with a distance of three kilometers, fifteen meters uphill.

Valhalla for nature lovers

Thanks to its wealth and because of its central location on the Utrecht Hill Ridge, Park Vliegbasis Soesterberg is a real breeding ground. Many birds nest on the grounds of the site. Many other animals can also be found there. The forest is home to woodcock, hawks and buzzards. You can also see sand lizard and viviparous lizard. Deer, badgers, polecats, and pine marten also live there.

Hiking Soesterberg Air Base

Park Vliegbasis Soesterberg offers a vast network of hiking trails that lead you through diverse landscapes. From open grasslands and heaths to dense forests, the area offers a variety of flora and fauna. You can enjoy restful walks here while encountering historical features along the way that recall the site's military past.

Highlights of hiking at Soesterberg Air Base:

  • Vast Trails: Diverse trails suitable for both short and long walks
  • Natural Beauty: Discover the park's rich biodiversity
  • Historical Sights: Visit the old runways and military buildings

Stay overnight at Soesterberg Air Base

After your visit to this nature reserve, you can spend the night at Hotel De Bilt. Our hotel is just a stone's throw away, where you can completely unwind. Enjoy the perfect combination of nature, history, and comfort. After hiking at Soesterberg Air Base, unwind in our lovely hotel rooms. Enjoy breakfast and dinner in our restaurant.