Charging station

With our charging points for electric cars you can charge your car while you have lunch or dinner, have a meeting and/or stay with us. That is useful for you, but it also fits in with our policy on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We are therefore Green Key certified and do everything we can to use energy as efficiently as possible.

We have a total of 12 charging points in the parking lot.
6 Regular charging stations
The standard AC chargers are intended for average charging sessions for longer stays on location. The car is charged in 1.5 to 8 hours. This is ideal for hotel guests who have booked an overnight stay or participants of an all-day meeting or training.

4 Ultra fast chargers (High Power Charging)
You can add 125-250 km in just 15 minutes. Our Ultra fast chargers are compatible with all electric cars with a DC fast charging option.

2 fast chargers
Fast chargers for electric cars are perfect for visitors who stay for 30 minutes to an hour. Perfect for when you come for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a short training session on location.