Sustainable collaborations

Our hotel is actively committed to local sustainability. Together with local organizations, we strive to connect small circles. We reduce food waste, separate waste and engage socially. We partner with Care Farm Griftenstein & Care for delicious homemade apple pies and cookies with coffee. In addition to our restaurant and kitchen, our vegetable garden and picking garden provide space for day care. Our dairy comes from the Biltse Boer, thus reducing emissions and reusing glass bottles. We also grow oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds from our restaurant, and our Extraordinary Pigs are sustainably raised and fed. We support local community initiatives such as the Pink Bunker for additional biodiversity.

We work together with determination to create a beautiful and sustainable local future. Below is another brief overview of all our sustainable partners.

  • The Clique
  • Extraordinary Pigs
  • Kitchen Garden & Picking Garden
  • Pink Bunker
  • Eleven Brewery
  • Game from our own field
  • The farmer
  • Care farm Griftenstein & Care
  • Apple pie and cookies (Griftenstein & Care)