Behind our hotel lies the Beerschoten estate, with a flowing stream, meandering ponds, meadows with groups of trees and old lanes, it forms an attractive walking area. Here you can enjoy long walks, also to adjacent forests such as the Panbos.

  • Beerschoten, 4 km (marked red)
  • Houdringe, 5 km (marked white)
  • Panbos, 3 km (marked in blue)
  • Beerschoten, Houdringe, Panbos, 11 km (marked yellow)

The Beerschoten estate also houses the museum sculpture park of Jits Bakker, which contains a large collection of monumental sculptures in granite, bronze and marble. The museum is owned by the province of Utrecht and is freely accessible on all days from sunrise to sunset. The JitsArt museum is fully adapted, with paths for wheelchair users and braille signs for the visually impaired. Visually impaired people are allowed to touch the statues in the sculpture garden.