Dinner activities

Are you already a ‘wereldeter?’

Van der Valk Wereldeters

Surprisingly going out to dinner with children

Children are very welcome at Van der Valk! We have put together a surprisingly versatile children's menu especially for our youngest guests: Van der Valk Wereldeters. Children are challenged with these adventurous and responsible dishes to eat something different than the traditional children's menus.

Eat like a child from a far away country

Together with Timo Toekan, the kids travel to countries such as Hawaii, Sweden, South Africa, China, Italy and of course the Netherlands. With every dish, Timo tells something nice about the country, such as all kinds of facts and stories. This exciting journey changes every six months, so it remains surprising which dishes are on the menu this time. Curious? Take a look at the Winter Wereldeters menu or book a table!

The book ‘Wereldeters’

The children's menu is inspired by Marjolein de Vlaam's award-winning book Wereldeters. Just like the menu, the book is cheerfully designed. The book is full of fun stories and funny facts about different countries in the world and delicious recipes. The book is available at all participating Van der Valk restaurants. Click here for more information about the book.

Van der Valk & KidsRights

Van der Valk, as a family business, wants to mean something for children who are less fortunate, that’s the reason why we support the KidsRights organization. This organization stands up for the position of vulnerable children anywhere in the world. With our children's menu, we particularly support the KidsRights Changemakers Movement. The KidsRights Changemakers Movement is a worldwide online platform, especially for the courageous children and young people who take action for children's rights; the changemakers. On this platform, these young changemakers can find, support, inspire and mobilize each other, but can also be followed by others, receive (financial) support and create growing support. Read more about all changemakers. With the Wereldeters menu, Van der Valk supports the changemakers within the KidsRights Movement and recognizes the power of children in the realization, promotion and implementation of children's rights.

Having a nice dinner with the children is not only adventurous, but you also support the KidsRights Changemakers!

French Pilons de Poulet menu
  • Starter - Soup of your choice
  • Main course - French pilons de poulet (chicken drumsticks). Served with vegetable sticks, fries and ratatouille.
  • Dessert - Children's ice cream

Price French menu: € 12.50


Argentinian steak menu
  • Starter - Soup of your choice
  • Main course - Tender steak in its own gravy. Served with corn, fries and vegetable sticks.
  • Dessert - Children's ice cream

Price Argentinian menu: € 12.50

Swiss cheese fondue menu
  • Starter - Soup of your choice
  • Main course - Cheese fondue. Served with vegetable sticks, broccoli, bread and breadsticks.
  • Dessert - Children's ice cream

Price Swiss menu: € 12.50

Italian spaghetti bolognese menu
  • Starter - Soup of your choice
  • Main course - Spaghetti Bolognese. Served with Italian bruschetta, vegetable sticks and grated cheese.
  • Dessert - Children's menu

Price Italian menu: € 12.50

Alaska fish menu
  • Starter - Soup of your choice
  • Main course - Alaska pollock fish stick with seaweed salad. Served with vegetable sticks, fries and broccoli.
  • Dessert - Children's ice cream

Price Alaska menu: € 12.50


Dutch menu
  • Starter - Soup of your choice
  • Main course - Tasty fries with schnitzel, croquette, cheese pastry, frikandel or chicken nuggets. Served with vegetable sticks, apple sauce and mayonnaise.
  • Dessert - Children's ice cream

Price Dutch menu: € 12.50