Railway museum

Adventure is closer than you think. In The Railway Museum, you race through time in trains that you can fully discover. And there are many more exciting adventures. Such as De Vuurproef, the award-winning 4D simulator in which you drive a train yourself.

With a visit to The Railway Museum you travel in a surprising way through 175 years of history. There is plenty to do, both indoors and outdoors. This is how you get into the real carriage of the Royal family. And get to know the very first gigantic steam locomotives in an exciting ride, they didn't call them "Steel monsters" for nothing. Because you are involved in everything, you always discover new things. What a coal mine has to do with a train, for example. And why the "dead man's button" is so hot ...

The museum also organizes unforgettable events throughout the year for young and old. Curious? Visit the coolest museum in the Netherlands!