Game Menu

As per October 5th, we serve various game specialties again!

For many years, restaurant De Biltsche Hoek is known for its game specialties. We serve throughout the whole year a variety of homemade culinary preparations of goose, with which we try to give the goose more publicity. During the hunting season, besides goose we also serve hare, dove and duck as game of the day.

Eating game is becoming more popular in the Netherlands. Rightly so, because game is great free range meat. In a study done by Natuur & Milieu in December 2014, game scored highest on animal welfare and ecology in the category of most sustainable Christmas meal. The meat we use, comes largely from our own hunting grounds, while the rest comes from hunting areas that we also know ourselves, where everything really comes from the wild.



Deer back carpaccio | salsify | soy sesame | beech mushroom | fresh black truffle

Wild goose tasting | homemade goose pâté | slow cooked goose breast | goose croquette

Wild specialties

Game of the day | from our own fields 

Confit leg of goose | curry sauerkraut | red port sauce

Game stew | potato puree | red cabbage | stewed pear

Wild boar back fillet | plums | beet | Red port sauce