The mussel season has started again! That means enjoying a pan full of delicious seafood or the 'black gold'. View the mussel menu below.

Mussels menu

Mussels taste even better with a glass of wine or a 'mussel beer'. Here's our tip:

Wasted Beers | Casino Blonde
An excellent choice of beer for the mussel pan: the Casino Blond from Wasted Beers! A refreshing blond beer with fresh honey and orange zest. Did you know that Wasted Beers brew circular and social specialty beer. With your glass of beer you contribute to a world with less waste!

Domaine Rochart Viognier
Water with the wine and wine with the mussels! The Rochart Viognier is a wonderfully fragrant wine and, with its soft and round taste, fits perfectly with a mussels pan.